2SP1 Spindles

Standard motorized milling spindles from the 2SP1 series are motorized spindles available for catalog order.

They are designed for exceptionally high speeds and can therefore be used both for roughing operations and for precision finishing. On the basis of two different geometric diameter configurations, a variety of different performance categories with speeds of 42 to 170 Nm and maximum speeds of 10,000 to 18,000 rpm are available.

These are the ideal drive solution for master spindles in standard milling machines and machining centers, and stand out with the following attributes:

  • Cost-effective complete solution, comparable to the latest belt-driven solutions and lower cost than classic customer-specific motorized spindle designs
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic tool tensioning and release device depending on the customer requirements
  • With the use of a pneumatic tool tensioning and release device, no hydraulic unit is necessary
  • Integrated sensor technology in analog and digital configuration (for the indexing and monitoring of the tool change)
  • Worldwide system delivery including spindle mechanism from one single source
  • Higher speeds and shorter acceleration times in comparison with conventional solution options
  • Available with HSK A63, SK40, CAT40, BT40 tool interfaces
  • Optional internal and external tool cooling available


The CAD data of the 2SP1 spindles are available in the CAD Creator from Siemens.