Lathe spindle solutions for a wide variety of machine types and applications

Our range of spindle units for grinding machines includes both internal and external cylindrical grinding and the respective dressing spindles.

Performance attributes

  • Power ratings of up to 100 kW
  • Maximum speed of up to 81,000 rpm

Design attributes

  • Cylindrical holder (internal grinding spindles)
  • HSK 25 to HSK 100 or ISO 30 to ISO 50
  • External taper
  • Spindles with external drive (for example, drive belt)
  • Spindles with direct drive (motorized spindles)
  • Synchronous motor/ asynchronous motor
  • Spindles with roller bearings
  • Grease re-lubrication
  • Lifetime grease lubrication
  • Oil-air lubrication
  • Oil-direct lubrication
  • Spindles with slide bearings
  • Automatic balancing system (option)
  • Ignition control (option)