Hybrid Spindle

The hybrid spindle is an impressive development - the combination of the master spindle motor and the spindle functionality results in a high quality milling spindle.

Speeds of up to 24,000 rpm, high rates of precision due to the direct drive, low levels of oscillation and all of the necessary spindle functionalities provide mechanical engineers with the possibility of increasing their efficiency in comparison to machines with connected motor-spindle solutions.

1) on request
2) only dimension 100
3) only dimension 80 
  Dimension 80 Dimension 100 Dimension 132
Speed[rpm] up to 24.000 18.000 (20.000)1) 12.000
Power [kW] up to (S1) 11,5 18,5 30
Torque [Nm] up to (S1) 21 54 191
Interface SK30 (DIN 69871/72),
BBT30 (MAS 45°)
SK40 (DIN 69871/72),
BT40 / BBT40 (MAS 45°)
SK40 (DIN 69871/72),
HSK-A63, BT40 (MAS 45°)
Bearings Grease lubricated precision angular contact ball bearings, head cooling2)
Motor Asynchronous motor, water cooled water- or air cooled
Fixation With flange or fixing strips1) on machine slide
Degree of protection P64 (labyrinth sealing with air purge)/ IP53
Options - Hydraulic release unit with/ without rotary union
- Analog sensor for drawbar positioning monitoring